I was born and raised in Sitka and love where I'm from. Growing up, I was drawn to politics and did behind-the-scenes work for important issues and political causes. (My parents, who were never involved in campaigns or politics, often wonder where they went wrong.)

After graduating from Sitka High School, I studied public policy at Yale College out east. Yale was different but good. I left college early after seven semesters, without a degree, to come home and run for the Alaska Legislature. It’s fun to study public policy; it’s a deeply meaningful charge — a higher calling, to my mind — to help make public policy.

As with a lot of us Southeast Alaskans, I’ve cobbled together odd jobs growing up and through present: substitute teaching, deckhanding on a troller, working as a public policy wonk for the City of Sitka, helping manage Sitka's recycling program, creating and running programs with the Sitka Fine Arts Camp. Presently, outside the legislature, I'm working to start a new institution of higher education in Sitka, Outer Coast, as well as administering a nine-month postgraduate service fellowship program with sites in Sitka, Juneau, and Anchorage.

I believe in a healthy mind and a healthy body. I enjoy the challenge of distance running. I find peace in the mountains and ocean of coastal Alaska and can't imagine living anywhere else.

I'm lucky to grow up in Sitka and Southeast. I love where I'm from. I want to make it better. I hope you'll join me.