The fishing industry is the economic base that allows our remote rural communities to exist. In many ways, fishing is Southeast Alaska. My advocacy for fishing issues knows no bounds: I support good fishing policy in the legislature, and I will hoof it to Seattle, Anchorage, Nome, or Timbuktu to lobby for Southeast Alaska fishing fleet at the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, IPHC, or any other forum.

  • Endorsed by UFA in 2014 and 2016.
  • Electronic monitoring instead of human observers.
  • I support efforts to bring limited-entry permits back to Alaska from out-of-state, and also helping bring permits back to rural Southeast villages.
  • I oppose the Pebble Mine.
  • I believe in the importance of (and have supported funding for) local Alaska seafood in Alaska school lunches.
  • The small-boat fleet is getting caught as “bycatch” with Coast Guard and NMFS regulations. I have advocated against onerous and burdensome regulations that shouldn't apply to the Southeast fishing fleet.
  • I support diverse and balanced representation on the Board of Fish, and do not believe that any one user group should control the process.
  • Alaska homes benefit from energy efficiency (weatherization) programs; so should Alaska fishing vessels. I'm interesting in creating a grant program akin to the Salmon Quality Grant program of ‘06-’07 that provides money for vessel owners to make vessel improvements that will result in long-term energy efficiency gains (bulbous bows, stern flaps, variable pitch props, prop “tuning,” etc).
  • I’ve dedicated huge amounts of time and energy fighting for more stringent halibut bycatch requirements on the Gulf of Alaska trawl fleet. Halibut are migratory, and Gulf of Alaska halibut are Southeast Alaska halibut. Trawl bycatch is bad for the resource, bad for the economy, and bad for habitat. Halibut bycatch should and must be significantly reduced.
  • I believe in prioritizing capital spending towards harbors to keep moorage rates competitive and our fishing fleets healthy. Investing in basic infrastructure, such as harbors, will provide a return year after year after year, in the form of an economically sustainable and community-oriented fishing fleet.
  • I believe in seafood origin-tracing. The quality of Alaska seafood is the best in the world. The brand of Alaska seafood cannot be marred by non-Alaska product masquerading as Alaska seafood.