Private enterprise creates jobs, and government helps provide the foundation on which those jobs are created. Harbors, roads, ferries, electricity, water and sewer, education — all are foundational to the economy. If government can create and maintain infrastructure, business will create jobs.

  • I'm a fiscal conservative: capital money should be spent wisely, and towards core community needs such as infrastructure.
  • A good economy depends on a good transportation system, including reliable and regular ferry service.
  • Unlike North Dakota and Texas, Alaska owns its oil. Alaskans deserve a fair return on the resource that we own. We want to create a fair business environment for oil and gas to invest in Alaska, and encourage competition among companies on the North Slope. I am concerned about the $775 million in cash tax credit subsidies the State of Alaska spends to subsidize oil and gas development.
  • “Fix-it first”: Fix what we have before building expensive new and fancy projects.
  • I believe in a 21st century knowledge economy. I want to see an Alaska that attracts young talent and entrepreneurs the way a magnet attracts iron filings.